Christopher Cornelsen(Producer)

Christopher Cornelsen was born in Hamburg, Germany. He studied visual communication in Hamburg. He worked on several movies, as Production Manager, he had a Student Oscar nomination in 2006 with " the Measure of things" and finally a win in 2007 with " Nevermore" "best foreign Student Film, Academy Award". in 2006 Christopher moved with his production company Cornelsen Film to Berlin, and has produced a couple of short Films:" Spiel des Lebens, 2008, Frühlinsgerwachen, 2009, "Still Awake, (anna Levinson) and in 2012, "Niklas" by Robert Bittner, and some Feature Films, so far: " The Race" 2009, by A.Nebe, "Lossing Balance" 2010, as Service Production, "Simplify your Soul", 2011, by M.Boestfleisch, "Berlin Dance Battle 3D" 2011, by R.Franke and at least: "India Blues", by George Markakis.