ELVIS & THE ANCIENT GREEKS band (by the spirit of Elvis Presley)

  Elvis and the Ancient Greeks is not a band named after me. It is a line taken from a Talking Heads song called 'Cities' from the album 'Fear of Music' which goes: 'Think of Memphis- home of Elvis and the Ancient Greeks'. Which is news to me. The only Greeks I ever met in America were from New York. But what do I know? I'm only a country boy. Anyway, I can confirm that no-one in the band is called Elvis. No-one is Greek. But some of them are ancient. And they admire the Ancient Greeks as one of the most important civilizations in History- who gave the world Algebra, Philosophy, Astronomy, Democracy- and a few other things too. They also admire modern Greeks, such as Jeffrey Eugenides, author of the novel 'Middlesex' which explores the borders of gender, and represents a cornerstone to their way of thinking.

  Lisa Meilen aka 'The Bride of God' fronts the band. I watch Lisa perform from the other side and she sometimes reminds me of myself in my hey-day. She has it all- voice, looks, and presence. She is also the rock-wife of musical director and drummer, Steve Aungle, who is the most ancient member of the band. They produce an intoxicating blend of 60s Lounge and Electronica featuring songs about portals to parallel worlds, about the invisible lines which connect us, and many other fascinating subjects. And when they play, these cats can really cook. Bring an ice-pack. My spirit-friend, Buddy Holly and I both agree that Elvis & The Ancient Greeks is one of the hottest acts in the universe- thoroughly recommended.